About me

about me

A few words about me

Since I was a child, growing up among my father's films and diapositives, I have been unconsciously enchanted by this magical world...Photography.

Photography and Communication.

Two inseparable parts

of my professional life

My adventure begins with a film point-and-shoot camera. At first, it was just a matter of curiosity and desire to tell my life; then, it became something more with my first reflex camera – a Pentax model that I still own – and the transition to digital photography. Eight years ago, I decided to turn my passion into a job.

Putting my passions together… Only today I realize that my journey in the world of communication, as a means of advertising, began without me noticing it, when I was in my early twenties.

In 2003 destiny lent me a hand, and I became an advertiser in the field of newspapers and print media in general. In the following years, I have worked for different realities, magazines, radio, collaborating with many professionals, graphic designers, creatives.
In recent years, I have worked to combine these two great passions. Photography is the field that I manage entirely by myself. As regards Communication, I collaborate with various professionals but always remaining the point of reference for companies.
This is how “Emiliano Masala Photo & Advertising” was born.

Product Photography

The quality and prestige of a brand through images


A portrait is a soul telling about itself


It's to spark interest, attention, desire through images

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