Story telling: “Bread making: sacredness of a rite nowadays!”

A couple of weeks ago, there was the first of a series of one-of-a-kind events.
An event that combines the history and culture of our land with one of the most ancient rites, the magic of baking.

S’arenada is the place hosting the event, a charming hotel surrounded by greenery, just a few minutes from the sea and the center of Villasimius.

Story telling: “Bread making: sacredness of a rite nowadays!”

The event begins with a cocktail that gathers all the participants together around a table to offer them a sensory journey beginning with taste. The atmosphere is magical, to say the least. A warm and soft light envelops everyone accompanying the sacred and ancient rite of bread making.

After dinner, the table is prepared with everything needed for kneading: bowls, water, oil and the inevitable starter.
Before starting the bread making, Cristina Muntoni tells the story of this rite and of the sacredness that bound it to women, since in the past baking was only a women affair.

Natascia Mura, highly experienced food blogger, is the teacher of this practice. She prepares the bowls with the right amount of ingredients: starter, flour and water for kneading.

While kneading, Cristina and Natascia tell many anecdotes of this ancient rite from the past to the present.

Everyone immerses in the moment, has fun and is excited for preparing their first bread.

At the end, the oil produced by one of the Sardinian excellences of the sector, Dolia Oil from Dolianova, is added.
As well as flour, another pearl of our land…

Meanwhile, the time has come to make the leavening preparations, which will take several hours. They must be massaged, pressed and folded according to a precise order that Natasha explains to everyone.

At the end, there is time for another small experience dedicated to writing.

It is 5 am and Natasha is ready to put the participants’ preparations in the oven. While waiting, the starter is refreshed… It’s time to take them out of the oven.

… and here it is

It is now daylight, and the time remains for a last picture of the protagonists of the event, Natasha and Cristina.

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