“The Girl Next Door” Rossella

“The Girl Next Door” Rossella

Third episode of the project “The Girl Next Door”

A few pills from the previous article and the reasons that led me to write this article.

“ More than 1 million selfies a day, 58,425.492 photos with the #selfie tag on Instagram: these numbers speak for themselves. Every day, social networks put our image in front of us and force us to question ourselves about our perception of beauty.
Through self-portraits it is easy to accept oneself: with an average of 25 photos before being really satisfied, the choice of the right filter and some tweaks to the brightness, you’re done.

Social media have accentuated the social tendency of human beings to please others and feel accepted. And let’s face it, we all feel, some more, some less, personally concerned.

Beauty in the days of Instagram requires perfection, precision, expertise, scenography. A beauty that is so different and far from you that almost intimidates and makes you feel embarrassed.

Beauty in the days of Instagram leads to the belief that you want to change yourself. Yet beauty or self-care should not be tied to any standard, but rather provide each of us with the right tools to be ourselves at our best, without necessarily having to transform into a clone of anyone to feel comfortable while sharing a photo of us with the hashtag #makeup or #beauty.

Be splendidly, exceptionally, proudly you, make yourself messengers of the extraordinary power – and essence – of #beautydefect, , a project born from the desire of the Vlogger Giulia Carucci, to create a network of truly aware people. Aware of their physicality, their strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s meet Rossella, a girl who at first glance does not go unnoticed with a really cool look and her tattoos.

A tough one, Crossfit is her sport, and if you know this sport you know how tough it can be… like her! But inside this warrior there are battles that only a few must and can discover!

Rossella’s thoughts:

“About me…
I know that I often appear to be a sunny, dynamic and sociable girl.
Those who know me well know that each coin has also another face, and from what I remember to know about me, it has always been difficult for me to hide it when something was wrong.
I chose to face this experience with Emiliano because, being a good observer, he recognized and read in my eyes that behind every armor there is a story.
A long love story between the Rossella I was, I am and I will be.
I am honest, I did not love myself in all the photos as often happens to us women, but I was happy to see myself with other eyes and I decided to learn to like myself just as I learned to love my character with my weaknesses and my strengths.”

Credits: https://mashafedele.com/ e https://thegoldlash.com/

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